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It's time to #FreetheVote2020

In California, more than 50,000 individuals on parole are denied the right to vote. ​They are working jobs, raising families, paying taxes and getting involved in their communities. But despite serving their time and striving to create productive lives, these Californians are currently left behind by the state's legal system, which treats them as less than citizens and denies them of a say in the future. 

Free the Vote 2020 is dedicated to restoring their voting rights. 

Our Coalition

The Free the Vote 2020 Coalition is a broad-based, state-wide coalition made up of directly impacted-led organizations committed to working with and on behalf of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 6, a California constitutional amendment that would restore the right to vote to people on parole for the conviction of a felony. After successfully advocating for the passage of ACA 6 by the California legislature, the coalition is pushing for the associated ballot initiative, Proposition 17, to be approved by California voters in November 2020.

The coalition is guided by the foundational principles that Proposition 17 is about the restoration of civil and human rights. Consequently, it is paramount that directly impacted persons' voices, leadership and development be honored and respected in this fight for an end to their disenfranchisement.


Coalition Members

All of Us or None

Young Women’s Freedom Center


LA Voice


Sister Warriors

A New Way of Life Reentry Program

Starting Over Inc.

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO)

Just Cities

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco (LCCRSF)

Our History

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