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Vote #YesOn17

Because Democracy Means Everyone

It's Time to #FreeTheVote2020

American democracy is rooted in the idea that every voice counts. But felony disenfranchisement laws silence more than 50,000 taxpaying Californians who have served their time and are barred from voting. This November, Californians can right this injustice by voting YES on Proposition 17, restoring to these men and women a civil right that is a pillar of our civic society—and ensuring that California lives up to its values.

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Prop 17 by the Numbers


Californians on parole are currently denied of their right to vote


other states already allow those on parole to vote


of those incarcerated believe voting would help them stay out of jail and make them feel connected to their communities

"Getting my voting rights back would be like I matter. Like I can make a difference."

—Darryl Poole

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